Ladies fun League

Finally ... A League with No Pressure

Attention Ladies!!

Have you been looking for a FUN league to play in where it's not so cut throat and by the book?

Well, I've got your answer.  The Ladies FUN League at the Raven Golf Club is just that.  The league was formed for ladies to learn how to play the game and along the way learn the rules and etiquette.  It is meant for women to socialize and connect on the golf course while enjoying the competition.  

In fact, 8 is the maximum score I allow on a hole to be made.  My rule is if you have swung at it or hit it 7 times and it's not in the hole yet, pick it up, put it in your pocket, write an 8 down on your scorecard and move to the next hole and try again.  

See ... no pressure!

All women are welcome regardless of abilitites.  Plus, as a member (a one time fee of $25), you are entitled to tremendous discounts for private and group instruction with me.  We play once or twice per month and even compete for prize money.  

It's all in a FUN, relaxed atmosphere out at the beautiful Raven Golf Club.  If you are interested in finding out more or joining us, send me an email or give me a call.  

Thanks, see you at the next event!

Eddie Kilthau

PGA Professional



Ladies FUN League Q & A

Is there a fee to join the league?

Yes, the is a one time fee of $25.

How often does the league play?

Once per month from November through April and twice per month May through September.

How many holes is league play?

9 holes @ Raven Golf Club.  

Any other discounts or benefits?

Yes, being a member of the Ladies FUN League entitles you to half off private instruction with Eddie, special group instruction pricing and any special rates we receive playing 18 holes at other facilities during the summer months.